Open for business

Campaign objectives

Visa supports small and medium businesses with their #SupportSmall program, an initiative encouraging people around the world to think about the positive impact their shopping can have on local communities.


Assist Visa in their campaign to encourage small businesses to sign up as Visa merchants, giving them access to a comprehensive suite of tools and resources.


Increase awareness of Visa’s #SupportSmall campaign, ultimately prompting consumers to use Visa and make a positive impact in the community by spending where it matters: small, locally-owned and Visa supported businesses.

The idea

No one felt the effects of the pandemic more than the independent business owners. And they will continue to be the hardest hit as COVID-19 leaves a lasting impression. This was an opportunity to utilise Visa’s major network as a force for good, and to amplify their position by using Time Out Hong Kong’s voice as the authoritative guide and champion of the city. Whether it’s shopping online, dining in, ordering takeout or delivery, purchasing gift cards or vouchers, or simply telling friends and sharing on social media, Visa and Time Out Hong Kong are empowering people to support their community in ways that are safe and productive.

The execution

In line with the #SupportSmall campaign, Visa partnered with Time Out Hong Kong to highlight our favourite local businesses in an overarching campaign titled Open for Business. Housed on Time Out Hong Kong’s English and Chinese websites, the interactive, custom-built microsite features food, drink, culture and entertainment across Hong Kong. Divided into 25 major districts, a new district is released every week over a 6-month period and promoted on our English and Chinese digital channels, encouraging our readers to (re)discover and share the best of these districts.

All businesses selected were handpicked by our team of discerning editors along with input from Visa to include their preferred merchants. Each business listed on the microsite includes a write-up with basic business business information, promotional offers and signature products, along with brand new photography to accompany them. The selected businesses also received a permanent venue listing on Time Out Hong Kong’s English and Chinese websites, and a feature on Visa’s official #SupportSmall page.

View Open for Business (English) and Open for Business (Chinese)

Platforms activated

interactive microsites

A customised microsite built in both English and Chinese housed on their respective platforms, updated weekly over the 6-month campaign period.

Time Out website

Supporting Visa ‘#SupportSmall’ content feature in English and Chinese, and new venue listings for all of the businesses highlighted in the campaign.

Time Out newsletter

Featured in our popular weekly (English) and monthly (Chinese) newsletters over the 6-month campaign period.

Digital takeovers

High impact takeovers strategically targeted across desktop and mobile sites, in English and Chinese.


One Facebook post per week, on both English and Chinese pages, along with dedicated Visa brand-led posts every six weeks.


One Instagram post and story per week, along with dedicated Visa brand-led posts and stories every six weeks.