Our print audience



(Source: ABC - January - June 2019)




(Source: Pamco - July 2018 - June 2019)


52% of our audience are female, 48% are male

62% of our audience are between 18-44 years old

79% ABC1

Time Out Readers Take Action!

95% take any action
after reading Time Out

70% go to a bar/restaurant after reading Time Out

56% use Time Out articles for entertainment ideas

Food & Drink

96% like to dine out at restaurants

79% dine out at least 1x per week

Time Out readers are 2x more likely to advise others on beer/wine/spirits


12x more likely to use any
"by owner" rental service

6x more likely to have taken 5+ international trips,
past 3 years

4x more likely to have spent 15+ nights in a hotel,
past year

3x more likely to advise others on travel

3x more likely to be members of a frequent flyer program

2x more likely to have taken 9+ domestic trips, past year


3x more likely to think life should be as much fun as possible

7x more likely to visit art galleries or shows

5x more likely to
go to museums

5x more likely to
attend live theatre

4x more likely to frequent bars/nightclubs

3x more likely to
attend concerts

Source: MRI April 2017