Patron — Expresso Society

Campaign objectives

Drive association

Increase both trade and consumer association of Patron XO with Espresso Martinis.

Improve on-premise presence

Create a network of on-premise venues that include Patron XO in their preferred Espresso Martini serve.

Trial and visitation

Drive consumer footfall into participating venues, through Time Out promotions.

The idea

Our core solution focussed on the creation of engaging content which would align Patron XO with Australia’s most ordered cocktail [2016], the Espresso Martini. This Time Out content-led campaign would encourage consumers to get involved in the Patron’s Expresso Society [sic] through trial of a Patron Espresso Martini at participating venues. We would then reinforce the association and product trial by encouraging consumers to create the drink at home, through a simple recipe video.

The execution

We designed a 360° campaign, to engage Time Out readers across all their devices, and surround them with Patron XO’s brand story

Bespoke Hub-creation

Time Out created Patron XO content which was housed within a dedicated Patron hub on the Time Out site. This included the Expresso Society’s key on-premise partners and associated brand messaging. The content was then pulled out into smaller subsections, to appeal to different interest groups, and prevent too much repetition – so readers would have a reason to engage with the campaign multiple times. Content included:

  1. Venues putting a twist on the Espresso Martini this winter – list of all drinks within the programme
  2. Where to drink Espresso Martinis with a view
  3. Where to end your evening with an Espresso Martini nightcap
  4. A bluffer’s guide to winter tastings – highlighting how to taste high quality tequila, coffee, chocolate and dark beer
  5. How to make an Espresso Martini recipe video

Solus newsletters
The campaign kicked off with solus newsletter promotion, delivered to Time Out’s 90,000+ food and drink obsessed weekly newsletter subscribers, ensuring venues housing Patron cocktails were promoted with 100 per cent share of voice.

Social drivers
This campaign was optimised for social reach. We used both written and video content to seed Patron’s Expresso Society to both Time Out users, and people with similar interests, demographics and behavior patterns.

Time Out competitions
We used competitions to encourage consumer discussion and trial of the Expresso Society cocktails. Two lucky winners received a bar tab at their favourite Expresso Society venue.

Digital takeovers
High impact takeovers which were strategically targeted across desktop and mobile sites.

Print inclusion
Print ads in our July and August issues targeted our most engaged and affluent readers.

Premium newsletter tiles
Venues and Patron Cocktails were promoted through our popular weekly and monthly newsletters during the 6-week campaign.

Custom video content
We took an atomised approach to distributing this branded video, maximising reach across Facebook and Instagram, while also housing the video on our website for ease of rediscovery:

The results

The campaign resulted in 9 new on-premise accounts for Patron, plus an additional 9 existing Patron venue partners signed up to include Patron XO Cafe in their preferred Espresso Martini serve, throughout the period.


impressions across our site and social media


comments and shares across social

Time Out created ab extensive guide to key regions of Tasmania including Hobart and the North West, and hosted this guide on all of our East Coast websites. 

This content also ran in the print editions of Time Out Sydney and Melbourne.

Time Out drove culturally curious, aspirant young audiences to the site to engage with the content via Facebook.

Time Out says...

The Patron strategy for this campaign aligned perfectly with Time Out in helping us to inspire our audience to get out during winter and sample Espresso Martinis curated especially with Patron XO in mind. It tapped directly into the interests of our audience and allowed us to demonstrate the ways in which we utilise our venue relationships and getting them on-board with a consumer brand promotion.

We were delighted to see the level of engagement across our digital and social platforms and experience a well rounded brand promotion as a result.

We look forward to rolling this out again next year across Australia.