Time Out Print Ad Submission

Time Out Print Ad Submission


Required Format

PDF/X-1a files only; No native application files will be accepted. Create a PDF/X-1a by exporting from InDesign or Quark.

PDF/X-1a files must be generated with the following components:

  • Fonts: Embedded (no True Type fonts).
  • Color Space: CMYK or Grayscale. No RGB, LAB or embedded color profiles (such as ICC). PMS Colors MUST be converted to CMYK.
  • Images: Hi-resolution, 300ppi, TIF or EPS (from loaded and updated links).
  • Transparency: Transparent objects must be flattened at high resolution. Avoid placing transparent objects on top of text and other critical vector objects.
  • Overprint/Knock-Out/Trapping: It is the responsibility of the advertiser to negotiate overprint/knock-out/trapping issues. For example, placing white fonts or illustrations over a photo background risks failure if not set to knock-out. For help please contact us.
  • Marks: Ads must have marks to indicate trim and bleed on full page ads. These should be positioned outside the live file.
  • Ink Density: Maximum cannot exceed 280 total ink density.


Material Deadlines
Advertising materials must arrive no later than 4pm on the Thursday prior to the publication date. If you require assistance in building an ad, elements and copy should arrive no later than 4pm on the Wednesday prior to the publication date.

Ad Submission
All ads must be submitted through www.timeoutnyads.com. No FTP or email ads will be accepted.

  • Free account registration: Go to www.timeoutnyads.com > Register (top right) > Enter required information. > Submit
  • Ad submission: Click “upload” > Log In > Click “print display ads” > Either upload to your specific booking or click “Go: sending a file before the ad space has been reserved” > Enter ad and order information (only the red asterisk fields are required)

Ad Design
Time Out will provide limited design assistance free of charge. Production adjustments to print-ready ads may result in a 15% surcharge. Time Out is not liable for ads not approved by an advertiser by 2pm the Friday prior to the publication date.

SWOP-certified #5 proofs should be generated directly from the digital file to print. These should include the IDEAlliance ISO 12647-7 2009 Color Control strip ("hot downloads" at http://idealliance.org). Proofs should indicate the proof type, name, address and phone number of the pre-press service provider. Quad graphics 56 Duplainville Road, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 Attn: Plate Room 518-581-4800. Proof must arrive the Friday before the on-sale date.

If a SWOP-certified proof is not submitted, color reproduction will default to SWOP standards at press. Non-compliant proofs waive color liability.

File Storage
Time Out has a six-month maximum pick-up policy from archives.