Programmatic, PMP & RTB

Display advertising through Private Market Place, programmatic, and Real Time Bidding


PMP and PG opportunities - An alternative method to buying display advertising in an automated way with Time Out.

Time Out's inventory is available to buy via PMP as well as Programmatic Guaranteed deals.

With a one to one deal Time Out allows you to overlay Time Out Audiences which is our 1st party data solution. Time Out offers a brand-safe and highly viewable environment.

For more information regarding Time Out Audiences please see here.

For all Programmatic enquiries please email: or


Desktop display

Premium, above the fold:

Billboard 970x250px
Leaderboard 728x90px
Half Page 300x600px
MREC 300x250px

High viewability, below the fold:

Mid-page MREC 300x250px
Lower MREC 300x250px

Mobile display

High-viewability mobile inventory:

ATF leaderboard 320x50px or 320x100px
BTF MREC 300x250px