About Time Out

Time Out is the #1 brand for inspiring and enabling people to enjoy and explore the best of the city

Who we are

Time Out is a trusted global brand with a distinctly local voice. Our global network of expert editors and writers curate the best things to do and the coolest places to go, from Athens to Yogyakarta. Locals and visitors trust us to cut through and help them discover incredible things to eat, drink, see and do. We know because we go!


Time Out is your best friend in the city. We help you have fun, and our cheeky tone, unrestricted judgment, cool aesthetic, and independent attitude make us experts without being boring. Our international audience trusts Time Out for inspiration, information and insider insight — with an irreverent Time Out twist!

What we do

Time Out regularly lets its audience in on everything that’s good, vital, and exciting in our cities. We’re the trusted arbiters of city lifestyle across the country and around the world, and we’re known for telling people what to do and where to do it.

If it isn’t worth knowing about, we don’t write about it. 

We provide market leading products that inspire and enable our readers to get out and explore the best of their cities. We deliver relevant, authentic, and useful content and experiences to a discerning audience – wherever, whenever, and in whatever format our readers choose.

A global network

Time Out Group is a global media and hospitality business that helps people explore and experience the best of the city through its two divisions – Time Out Media and Time Out Market. Time Out launched in London in 1968 with a magazine; today, the Group’s digital and physical presence comprises websites, mobile, social, video, live events and Time Out Market. Across these platforms, Time Out distributes its curated content – written by professional journalists – around the best food, drink, culture, entertainment and travel across 333 cities in 59 countries.

Time Out Market is a food and cultural market leveraging the Time Out brand to bring the best of the city together under one roof: its best chefs, drinks and cultural experiences–based on the editorial curation Time Out has always been known for.  The first Time Out Market opened in Lisbon in 2014 and is now Portugal’s most popular attraction with over 4.1 million visitors in 2019.  Following this success, new Time Out Markets opened in  New York, Boston, Montreal, Chicago, and in Dubai.   A further pipeline of other global locations includes Porto, Cape Town, Barcelona, Vancouver, Abu Dhabi , Prague and more.

Time Out and its global staff have won and been nominated for a number of highly prestigious awards and accolades around the world over the years—read all about it here