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Media Sales - New York

Stacy Bettman

President, Americas
(646) 432-3176

Rachel Glickman

Managing Director, Global Digital Innovations, Operations

(646) 432-3224

Sean Russell

Director, Client Relations
(646) 432-3025

Sharon Borawski

National Sales Manager
(646) 432-3204

Sabrina Schneiderman

National Sales Manager
(646) 432-3217

Media Sales - Regional Offices

Deborah Russell

Miami Sales Manager
(954) 941-9663

Jack Carson

Chicago Sales Manager
(312) 897-1005

Steve Newman

Chicago Sales Manager
(312) 897-1002

Christy Spiegel

Southwest Sales Manager
(214) 352-3031

Jo Neese

Southwest Sales Manager
(214) 505-1680

Cynthia Lapporte

West Coast Sales Manager

Creative Solutions

Anjali Virmani

Director, Creative Solutions
(646) 432-3133

Jennifer Sugnet

Creative Strategist

Michael Stickle

Branded Content Editor

Briana Cammarata

Creative Strategist

Michael Larkin

Creative Strategist

Local Marketing Solutions

Alexis Weisman

Business Development Manager
(917) 846-2389

Katrina Ticse

Sales Executive
(732) 915-7765

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