Display and high-impact units

Engaging display and high-impact units

Display Advertising

Time Out’s content delivery philosophy…the right message, on the right platform, at the right time…is reflected in our approach to showcasing advertising to our audience. Our IAB standard ad products have been optimized to render seamlessly within the content flow while enabling our advertising partners the opportunity to deliver impactful messaging in an environment that commands high engagement. These include:

  • Billboard, 970x250
  • Leaderboard, 728x90
  • Half Page, 300x600
  • Med Rec, 300x250
  • Mobile Banner, 320x50

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High-Impact Display Advertising

Time Out offers the opportunity to bundle IAB standard ad sizes for greater impact and created ad executions that are designed for high visibility. These include:

  • Section Takeover
  • Themed Content Takeover
  • Rotational Roadblock
  • Desktop Skin
  • Mobile Underlay

In addition, we now offer Social Display on mobile, enabling out advertising partners to amplify their social marketing efforts via Time Out.

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