Email Marketing

Target our most engaged digital audience and amplify your campaign message with strategic email newsletter placements.

Dedicated Newsletters

Time Out advertisers can enjoy one of our most desirable promotional opportunities with 100% share of voice and branding on dedicated newsletters. Consistently achieve high open rates and click-through rates as a result of the Time Out users who are intent on engaging with a brand like yours.

Bonus Content Module

Enhance your storytelling and provide examples and snippets of your product by using an additional module which further helps to highlight your value proposition. This addition also leads to higher engagement from readers.


Newsletter Sponsorships

Feature alongside Time Out’s ‘Best of The City’ recommendations. Take advantage of Time Out brand association and a large global and local audience. Time Out curated programmatic content means newsletter engagement remains consistently high.

Newsletter Featured Listings

Time Out’s Featured Listings are the ideal solution for promoting upcoming events, openings, and custom content. Designed to sit inside our editorial newsletter content, Featured Listings click through to more detailed information that lives on-site.


In order for us to ensure your message has the highest level of reception possible, it must adhere to our dedicated email template. Please provide the following elements for your dedicated email:

  • Photo (600x400)—must be horizontal. Collages or posed shots should be avoided. Must be high-impact, and editorial in style, i.w. no overlayed text, logos, or other graphic elements. Please note that if you have no access to suitable photography, our creative team will source imagery for you.
  • Subject line—about 5-7 words
  • Headline—must be short, direct, and no more than two lines—about 10 words
  • Standfirst—a secondary line to draw the reader in—no more than 20 words
  • Main message—use this space to provide details about your venue or event—no more than 100 words

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